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HVAC. Handled with care.

Temperature control and air quality are critical in healthcare facilities. Owners and managers at these facilities have certain considerations to keep in mind when selecting, maintaining, and upgrading HVAC systems. Proper installation, care, and repairs are critical for protecting patients and personnel from the risks of a poorly functioning system.

Insist on proper installation

Improper installation of an HVAC system can cause it to underperform by as much as 30%! Don’t leave it to chance -- utility bills for healthcare facilities are already high. Invest in the performance of your new HVAC system with top-notch installation from Advanced Heating & Cooling and be confident that you are receiving the maximum benefit from your system.

Our certified technicians also ensure that your HVAC system meets the air quality requirements of your facility. Plus, we can also build redundancy and backups into your system so your temperature and air quality remain consistent even in the event of a failure.


Heating, cooling and ventilation systems are held to higher standards in healthcare facilities. Our team is experienced in working with these systems and has the technical skills required to repair them effectively. We offer emergency services to diagnose the issue and repair it quickly, day or night.

An ounce of preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance will help keep your HVAC system running properly for years to come. Advanced Heating & Cooling provides maintenance packages customized for healthcare facilities, designed to protect your systems as well as the privacy and comfort of your patients and employees.

Put your trust in Advanced Heating & Cooling to care for the health and vitality of your HVAC systems.

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